Our beauty needs are all unique, so when it comes to permanent eye makeup — luckily — we are spoilt for choice! There are essentially three types of permanent eyeliner applications:

Traditional permanent eyeliner,nail studio and beauty bassoniaTraditional Eyeliner

A continuous line along or above the eyelash line. Very much the same as using eyeliner pencil to draw continuous lines just below or above your eyelashes.






permanent eyemakeup,lash enhancement,nail studio and beauty bassoniaLash Enhancement

Dots inserted between, along or above existing eyelashes along your natural eyelash line. The result is a very soft, subtle and natural look which makes this application very popular.



permanent eyemakeup,designer eyeliner,nail studio and beauty bassoniaDesigner Eyeliner

This is for those who desire a dramatic, bold look and want to draw attention to their magnificent eyes, no matter what time of the day it is. There are a few designer eyeliner styles to choose from – including two different colours. Designer styles may be different colours, accentuated corners, raised edges or middles, the sky is the limit. This eye procedure may require a 6-week follow up due to swelling and to ensure that each and every line is created.



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